Safety  Concepts

We appreciate the thorough hands on training received from Ms Spink for our field staff.   J. Kesler

Our company took an Environmental course with your company.  The Instuctor was clear and very thorough and will highly recommend your services.   N. Hernandez   

Ms. Spink and Mr Beard are both Excellent Instructors.  I found them to be knowledgeable and  precise with their Instructions.  We have had them come in to our company for several years now, and will recommend them to anyone that would like a reference about them.  Mr Clyde Hill

Ms Spink has been over to our company for several years now, we find her to be friendly and to the point with her information, answering all there questions. Ms Spink  continues to make sure, that all the employees know  what they are doing in her Safety instructions, before leaving our premises.  Mr Rubin Sales

This is our first time, having Ms Spink at our company, she left a very good impression on our Employees.  Ms Spink is very informative in her Instructions, especially on Health issues.  We will definetly have her back in the near future.  We noticed from her website that she has a large range of other instructions, that could be beneficial to our company.  Mr. Britt Weatherly